. Looking at different infographics

. Looked into how to plot data on the respective and appropriate charts

.we looked at factual data from different perspectives, eg, newspapers

.political based

. I’ve decided to find data on knife crime and the cost it has on the NHS

.I found data from the house of Commons library, it told me that Southwark has the highest knife rime in the capital

.This has led to me decided to focus on the borough of Southwark as the university resides in this borough

.By choosing to look at Southwark specifically it also helps narrow down the data

.Im planning to contact the local hospitals and to research the amount of patients admitted into hospital with blade related injuries.

. I also found data on the Met police data website which helped narrow down knife related crimes which took place in Southwark. They have a slider option which helps narrow down the timescale of when you want to see the crime, for example you can put the first slider to January 2019 and the other march 2019. http://

. I plan to also briefly touch on the police funding in my 500 word support piece, but I will not go overboard on it as its not my main focus on the story, I will simply suggest that the cuts to police funding and police officer numbers, may have caused a rise in knife crime, which then puts further pressure and stress on an already struggling NHS.

.I have also found Data sets which also talk about knife crime on the office for national statistics 

.Old statistics from the Mirror, however I have contacted the Department of Health and Social care as they were involved in the figures shown by the Newspaper, I have submitted a freedom of information form.

. I have found more data on the cost of stabbings, the data I take a keen interest in is on this website,

.And the important data can be found under section 5.4.3, table 17. the important figure is stabbings

. further progress made on my infographic on Visme. I’ve started to focus on the colours, simple is usually effective, no need to go over the top. I’ve started to add further text, and even included my twitter handle which I think is a really cool idea.

My progression so far, looking good (I think)

. My next plan of action is to start to plan my support story. I want to go and ask hospital workers on the stress it adds.

. I want to find police officers and ask then about police cuts

. I want to also talk about the dip in offences around the 2012-2014 time period, talk about this potentially being due to the olympics, and the country trying to maintain the ‘olympic legacy’ and more clubs being ran to get young people into sports.

. I have added knifes to show the statistics, as it is called an infoGRAPHIC

. scratched the Infographic above, although i like the look of it, THE PICTURE MUST TELL THE STORY

.As you can see, this image tells the story a bit better, it could be improved on BUT i’ll see where those improvements need to be made

.As you can also see, i have plugged my twitter handle in the bottom right hand corner

. I also gained more stats from

. Both previous designs were clearly not good enough. so I’ve tweaked it and gone with this