West Ham United V.S Manchester City Post Match Blog

I took the summer off to relax and spend time with the family as well as gaining much needed and valuable experience in the work place, I completed a week at the Daily Mail with the sports team where I even got to write about the Champions League Final which was published online.

Over the summer we acquired some top talent from across Europe starting in Spain with Spanish U23’s Euro star Pablo Fornals. And we also got a new record signing in Haller who came off of another successful season at Frankfurt. 

Pre season was a mixed bag and granted it’s all about fitness but we evidently leaked too many goals in the games we played including pre season tournament thrashing by our opponents today, Manchester City.

One thing was evident in pre season though, the clear attacking threat we pose as a team. We are trying to play good football and the players we have allow us to play the football us fans have been craving for a while. 

We went into today’s fixture facing all of the countries top 6 teams in 6 consecutive starts to the season. This is one concept I have not been able to get my head around, many Hammers on twitter jokingly predicted we would face Manchester City and to nobody’s shock we managed to get a starting fixture against them at home.

The game started and we did start well, we went Toe-to-Toe if you like. We played some good football and really did try our best to match Manchester City which was refreshing to see. In past seasons we would have set up shop and hoped for the best but we looked like we wouldn’t go down without a fight.

The breakthrough for Manchester City eventually came through Jesus who converted from a well worked move down the left flank of West Ham leaving Cresswell for dead. Again a common theme was it was easily avoidable, Antonio didn’t track Walker, Cresswell was left flat footed which allowed Walker to have the run on him. It was all too slow to react. 

We went into half time only 1-0 down. A respectable score line against the Champions who are in search of their third league title in consecutive seasons. The first half was full of positives, Haller’s build up play and hold up play was second to none and his class in our team was unmatchable. He was the only one really looking to bring others into the game (which I guess he was brought into to do anyways).

The second half was a real fall from grace. From thinking we are still in it and we could steal a goal against the odds, to burying my head into my shirt. The floodgates somewhat expectedly opened, Sterling managed to grab a hat-trick as well as Aguero getting in on the act and Gabriel Jesus grabbed his second of the day.

Im not too disheartened and I refuse to write off this season after one result as it’s against arguably the best team on the planet. BUT, losing the game 5-0 at home on the opening day is no way to start a season.

We move onto next week where we go away to Brighton who currently at the time of me writing this are 1-0 up against Watford. As far as I’m concerned our season starts next week, if we lose then the fans undoubtedly have a right to moan as it’s a fixture we should be winning.

realistically in our opening 4 games we should be getting 9 points but it’s West Ham. Only time will tell.