About Me, And Why Journalism

Who am I and why do I want to be a journalist?

who am I? My name is Joshua Mbu but I prefer Webb, my mothers maiden name. I’m 18 years old and I’m from a place called Belverdere in South East London. I live with my mum, step dad, older brother and two younger sisters, my three dogs Tinkerbell, Luna and Milly and a cat called Morgan (who thinks and acts like a dog).

I want to be a journalist mainly for my passion for writing, I enjoy expressing myself through my work and the way I write, journalism as a career path allows me to explore and experience new things and meet interesting people with interesting stories to tell.

Journalism also allows me to tie in personal interests of mine such as sport, reporting on sport and writing about sports is so fascinating to me, I love to watch and play football, and I keep an overall eye on all different sports which I believe is key, to be a good overall journalist. My background and upbringing is filled with sports, from my mother, who was a elite female BMX Racer at international level and national level (champion). To my dads side where my uncle had a spell in the SPFL (Scottish Premier Football league) with Cowdenbeath. This inspired me to take part in sports, both BMX and football, I competed at national level in BMX racing ranking in the top 10 riders in my age group and also a brief stint in the West Ham academy from a young age, which inevitably ended due to a financial decision between the two sports. One interesting thing I would like to do as a journalist is talk to my ex fellow competitors, those who I used to beat, who are now on olympic programmes, gearing them up for future olympics. A tale of two different paths. My continuation in local football and being able to showcase my skills also landed me with the opportunity for a scholarship in the US, a former Chelsea player Joe McLaughlin contacted me about the opportunity which I chose to turn down. could it turn out to be the biggest mistake of my life? a second crack of the whip at professional football? who knows.

There is no better job in the world, your doing what you love and what you are passionate about. It will create memories to last a lifetime and give you endless experiences which you will cherish. And with all said, I’m very excited as to what path my life will now take.