12/03/2018 Live News Day

On monday 12th March, I was the floor manager.

This entailed being in control of everything in shot when live, setting up lights and cameras and making sure that the show runs smoothly without any dangers or trip hazards

At the beginning of the day I had to wait for the running order in order to set up shots and lighting. Once this was done, I focused on making sure that the lighting didn’t reflect on the board for social media (as it reflected most weeks) and set down some tape on the floor to show where Nicola (the social media reporter) should stand and where the lights would go as I would have to move them during the show.

I then set up the cameras and lighting for the bulletins and sofa presenter which both took place at the back of the room and once I was happy, taped down guards so that I didn’t struggle to get the shots.

During the live show, I had created a path that presenters could walk through safely and quickly to get to their next location in the studio. I was in charge of making sure thet the shot of the sofa presenters at the front of the studio were full and tidy.  I also had to set up an extra chair for Angela so that she had one in shot chair when she was reporting and one out of shot for when she wasn’t.

I had 1m15 worth of a VT to do a lighting change, going from the back of the studio to the social media board. Because I had set down the tape prior, this allowed me to do the transition quickly and efficiently with the help of Delina as well.

Live news day – 5/3/2018

On monday the 5th of March, I was the 2 way reporter. My assistant was James Middleton. Originally there was a problem as the person I was meant to interview was used as a sofa guest instead. This lead me to have to think of a brand new story just 5 hours ahead of the live show. In the end, I decided to attend one of the ‘Womens week’ workshops so that I could be interviewed from the Keyworth Centre where it took place.

I decided to cover this story as I wanted to raise awareness to Womens week at LSBU and make it known what was taking place on our campus.

When talking, I covered what had happened at the workshop I attended, what other events where taking place, sites where more can be found and the social media hashtag.

One implication that I faced was that, i didn’t have an earpiece so I couldn’t hear what the presenters in the studio were saying which meant James had to give me a nod when to speak. Because of this, there was a delay.

Plans are in the works to pedestrianise Oxford Street – ‘That money could be put into more important things such as housing!’

The council hope to launch it’s Oxford Streets first step-only section at the same time as the Elizabeth line services which will hopefully through central London in December 2018. 

Between Oxford Circus and Orchard Street, the road will be the first car free zone in the area. While this is seen as a good thing by many, local residents worry that the loss of drivable roads in the area will force cars into other places, therefore making them busier.

The Mayor and Westminster City Council will be holding a consultation next year to extend the pedestrianisation down towards the section towards Tottenham Court Road and slowly build. Talks are taking place for having artwork on the 800 metre walking area. Public spaces, cycle lanes and wider pavements will be added in the wider West End, hopefully by December 2018.

Not only will pedestrianising Oxford Street make roads safer, it will also help the pollution in the area, as it is known as one of Londons most polluted zones. One of Orchard Street retail store managers, Sara Constance said “it’s good in the sense that it’s helping the environment, but that money could be put into more important things such as housing!”

London mayor Sadiq Khan has said in a statement “This is a hugely exciting moment for the capital.”

Being one of the biggest shopping areas in Europe, it is estimated that over 500,000 people will walk through it each day, but it is still to soon to say just how these drastic changes will effect store sales.




I worked with Nicola, James and Jacob. My particular role for this show was editor, i managed to do it all on time and edit well. James was in charge of recording footage and Nicola was the presenter. For this weeks story, we covered the new LSBU cheer team with 3 vox pops and an interview.

We came into a slight dilemma when we had found that we hadnt yet booked out equipment and therefor had to think on our feet and record on our iPhones. We also didn’t manage to do the story that we wanted, so our cheer story was our backup plan. Overall, it all looked good


The first show went well as everyone before,during and after knew their roles and stuck to them. I was the web editor, this entailed making sure that the website had posts going up successfully. The only problem that I ran into was making sure that everyone had featured images in order for it to look correct on the main page. My assistant was Laura and she was great at being assertive in order to get everything done

What is London without Uber?

Young people worry as they wait for the final Uber verdict.

Transport for London have decided not to renew Ubers license to work due to it being ‘not safe and proper’. While black cabs are praised as being trust worthy, highly rated and do the same job as Uber, they miss the student demographics due to their expensive prices. I spoke to a London South Bank University student, Sarah Parker, 20, ‘I liked Uber because it was cheap and I could split the bill and get get home safe, I don’t know how I will [get home] anymore.’

The possibility of Uber no longer is taking a toll on students, particularly female students. They are now wondering how they will get home and although night buses and trains are finally available, women don’t feel safe enough being on public transport, particularly late at night. While black cabs are praised as being trust worthy, highly rated and do the same job as Uber, they miss the student market due to their expensive prices.

According to YouGov, Almost half of the 18-24 year olds asked by YouGov have said that TfL’s decision was wrong,

The company have until October 13th to clean up their act in order to be given a license.

‘Quill Tower’ being built in Boroug to provide 470 beds as Student Accomodation

Boroughs New Quill Tower could save London students!

I worked in a group with Alice and Nick, covering Borough as my patch. As my role, I was researcher and therefore helped find the story and find contacts to interview. I also wrote the PTC and assisted in writing the voice over. I was also the editor, which meant that I was in charge of editing all footage, but did have some assistance from Alice

An image of Borough High Street
Image taken from http://www.steelconstruction.info/Borough_High_Street_Bridge,_London

The US Takes It All (Almost!)

The Oscars are known as one of the biggest and most prestigious film awards in the world. Producers, musicians and actors have flocked to Hollywood in the hopes of winning since 1929. The movies at the Oscars are known for awarding some of the most amazing films that show the history of how we got to today, but lets learn the history of the Oscars…

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Producers and actors from all across the world wait to hear their feedback on the success of their movies, but there are only three Countries that have won ‘Best Film’ within the last 20 years: The US, The UK and France.

The ‘film reel’ timeline shows that America has won the most Oscars with a whopping 17 out of 20 ‘Best Film’ Awards within the last 20 years, which is an impressive 75%! They also have the highest average budget on their films which is one of the main factors that could contribute to their winning streak.

The American producers have had a lot of success when it comes to winning the ‘Best Film’ award at the Oscars, specifically between 1996 and 2016. There are many factors that contribute to how well a movie does, such as shooting locations, actors and most importantly budget, which is the biggest part of a film as it controls all elements of pre-production and post production such as who produces the film, where the film is based, CGI and props etc. While the success of the actors in the movie may be a contribution to how well a movie does, there is no data that proves this. On the other hand, this still links back to budget, therefore showing just how important it is.

The average budget of America’s ‘Oscars competitors’ is very different to the US’s funding. For a British film company, the budget is approximately 14 million US dollars and France has an average budget of 330,000 US dollars. This is a much smaller sum when compared to American film companies having an average budget of 25 million US dollars. The ‘VHS Tape’ styled bar chart backs up this point showing that Americas budget is considerably higher than the UK and France, having 10 million dollars more than the UK and just under 24.7 million dollars more than France.

It seems as though Americas streak began to break a bit from 2008, which means that it’s not completely impossible for another country to win as despite the fact that Americas budget is higher, the quality of films from other countries – particularly the UK – is getting better and could therefore be a contender for the US, with or without the high budget.

An image of the oscars sign taken from oscars.org

Safiyah Bennington

Borough vs Brexit

Borough market has been the seller to Southwark residents and tourists for the last 1004 years.

Stall holders worry that prices of fresh produce and imports will cost them more, resulting in them having to up their face prices for customers.

After speaking to Turkish Stall holder, he has managed to dodge the ‘Brexit beat-down’ due to the simple fact that he has always imported his goods from outside of the EU.


Martin Scorsese’s “Silence” speaks volumes

After owning the rights to Japanese Roman Catholic author, Shusaku Endo’s book, Silence, Martin Scorsese has brought a film version to our cinema screens and tears to our eyes 30 years later.  

Andrew Garfield plays an impressive Portuguese priest in Scorsese's 2016 movie, Silence.
Andrew Garfield plays an impressive Portuguese priest Silence.

Set in 17th Century Japan, Silence follows two missionary priests, Rodrigues and Garupe, (played by Andrew Garfield and Adam Driver) as they embark on a journey to teach the world about ‘the word of God’ and find their teacher, Padre Ferreira (played by Liam Neeson) who had apostatised and decided to live as a Japanese, which tests their faith in Jesus and also in each other.

Rodrigo Prieto shot this movie amazingly, showing the beauty of the culture of Japan through his use of traditional shots. Unlike Scorsese’ previous work such as The King Of Comedy, he takes a more serious approach, showing the physical torture that Christians endured and mental pain that Rodrigues suffered due to being forced to watch until he apostitised. 

This enlightening movie allowed me to take a deep look into Christianity, showing the beauty and horror of the religions and it’s history in Japan, while giving the audience a laugh when it was needed most. Despite this movie being three hours long, Andrew Garfield was able to maintain the interest of the whole cinema with his mesmerising performance

For this reason, this movie is a 4.5 out of 5 stars

Find ‘Silence’ in cinemas from November 13 2017