I worked with Nicola, James and Jacob. My particular role for this show was editor, i managed to do it all on time and edit well. James was in charge of recording footage and Nicola was the presenter. For this weeks story, we covered the new LSBU cheer team with 3 vox pops and an interview.

We came into a slight dilemma when we had found that we hadnt yet booked out equipment and therefor had to think on our feet and record on our iPhones. We also didn’t manage to do the story that we wanted, so our cheer story was our backup plan. Overall, it all looked good


The first show went well as everyone before,during and after knew their roles and stuck to them. I was the web editor, this entailed making sure that the website had posts going up successfully. The only problem that I ran into was making sure that everyone had featured images in order for it to look correct on the main page. My assistant was Laura and she was great at being assertive in order to get everything done