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Live news day – 5/3/2018

On monday the 5th of March, I was the 2 way reporter. My assistant was James Middleton. Originally there was a problem as the person I was meant to interview was used as a sofa guest instead. This lead me to have to think of a brand new story just 5 hours ahead of the live show. In the end, I decided to attend one of the ‘Womens week’ workshops so that I could be interviewed from the Keyworth Centre where it took place.

I decided to cover this story as I wanted to raise awareness to Womens week at LSBU and make it known what was taking place on our campus.

When talking, I covered what had happened at the workshop I attended, what other events where taking place, sites where more can be found and the social media hashtag.

One implication that I faced was that, i didn’t have an earpiece so I couldn’t hear what the presenters in the studio were saying which meant James had to give me a nod when to speak. Because of this, there was a delay.

I am a first year student studying Journalism at London South Bank University, covering news in Borough and posting it here online!