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12/03/2018 Live News Day

On monday 12th March, I was the floor manager.

This entailed being in control of everything in shot when live, setting up lights and cameras and making sure that the show runs smoothly without any dangers or trip hazards

At the beginning of the day I had to wait for the running order in order to set up shots and lighting. Once this was done, I focused on making sure that the lighting didn’t reflect on the board for social media (as it reflected most weeks) and set down some tape on the floor to show where Nicola (the social media reporter) should stand and where the lights would go as I would have to move them during the show. 

I then set up the cameras and lighting for the bulletins and sofa presenter which both took place at the back of the room and once I was happy, taped down guards so that I didn’t struggle to get the shots.

During the live show, I had created a path that presenters could walk through safely and quickly to get to their next location in the studio. I was in charge of making sure thet the shot of the sofa presenters at the front of the studio were full and tidy.  I also had to set up an extra chair for Angela so that she had one in shot chair when she was reporting and one out of shot for when she wasn’t.

I had 1m15 worth of a VT to do a lighting change, going from the back of the studio to the social media board. Because I had set down the tape prior, this allowed me to do the transition quickly and efficiently with the help of Delina as well.

I am a first year student studying Journalism at London South Bank University, covering news in Borough and posting it here online!