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Brent Local Elections 2018

The final month until the local Brent elections is approaching. Political parties and local MP’s are knocking on every street of the borough in a bid to gain resident votes and party pamphlets are being posted through letterboxes daily.

In 2015, Tulip Siddiq won the hearts and the votes of the public with her outspoken and honest approach to the elections, bringing on a win for the Labour party. That same yeah, the labour  party won by 1,532 votes.

It is thought that the elections could be swayed in a different direction as almost 3,000 people have registered to vote in Hampstead & Kilburn according to research from The Bureau Local (which is part of the Bureau of Investigative Journalism.) This may be down to the rise in new residents moving to the areas and young people finally having opinions and deciding to vote.

Social media has become a new platform of advertisement for parties to get exposure. This is an advantage as it mean manifestos and opinions can be shared at the click of a button. In general politics, politicians such as Jeremy Corbyn have used social media platforms to connect to possible voters and also gain popularity by publicly calling out other politicians for debates on topics that may gain votes. 

According to the website, “63 seats across 21 council wards in Brent are up for election and residents can vote for any candidate(s) standing in their ward.” Brent Labour Party have released their new manifesto and this years leader, Muhammed Butt is hoping to go into his second term of as the leader of the council. The Labour party have said that if they win, they will spend more on the “Invest4Brent” scheme (which has been a contraversial as it has been known for moving residents as far as Hemel Hempstead), whereas the Conservative party have taken an opposite approach by saying that they will look into the arrangement and not rule out closing it, according to the Tory leader Cllr John Warren. 


social media has also allowed young people to voice their opinions and als

The local elections for Brent will 

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