Live Show Feedback – WK7

Shola and George are both excellent sofa presenters, although she was slightly quieter than he was.

Great transition into VT1, although the font on the lower third is wrong. There’s too much headroom over Olivia. The lower thirds are still wrong moving forward, and there’s far too much empty space behind the interviewee. Besides framing, the camerawork is very good. The sound is off though, he’s extremely quiet. The second interviewee is also framed awkwardly, and the font of the lower thirds is still wrong. The sound is improved though. The GV shots are all great.

The time-lapse on VT2 is brilliant, although the hilarity of Theo’s enunciation (three tiiiiimes) and abrupt swivel-to-camera is a bit jarring. He’s also using a handheld mic. The sound is very inconsistent, his speech is generally overshadowed by the music and occasionally only goes into my right ear. The GV shots are all great. Putting the quote on-screen was a great idea but it could have been easier to read. The Vox Pops have similar sound issues to the package generally. I’m 90% sure I spotted some GV reuse toward the end though.

Remeka did well at bulletins, although she might have benefitted from more practice with pronunciation on some of the names (Mordaunt). Aside from that, very good.

Ralitsa’s good on the sofa – very confident and lots of information in a short space of time. Shola and George are both still doing well.

VT3 has inconsistent sound, but I can forgive it because the font of the lower thirds is correct. Framing on vox pops is great, the framing and camerawork generally are very good.

VT4’s v/o is very whispery, and listening to it in headphones makes me feel a bit uncomfortable. Visually, it’s very dark but that’s understandable. Given the background noise during vox pops the piece might have benefitted from background noise beneath the v/o. The hard out was jarring but overall quite good.

The sound is slightly less-than-ideal on VT5, although the footage is all quite good. There’s some visual tearing intermittently at the top of the screen and it seems to be running at slightly less than its proper pace. Those technical issues notwithstanding, it’s quite good.

Jacob’s great on social media, despite the slight mic issues at the outset.

At this point I don’t know what’s wrong with my stream and what’s wrong with the show, but as I’m watching it it looks like the audio and video are out-of-sync on VT6. I’m also getting more visual tears. The camerawork is beautiful as usual, although the sound is inconsistent.

Shola and George close the show out well. They were both great for the duration.