Live Show Review: CPJ Advanced WK5

The first thing you notice when the show starts is that the sofa presenters have been shifted from one side of the room to the other. Aside from the obviously troubling news that the “sofa presenters” are now a considerable distance removed from their sofa, I like the way this shot looks more than I do the standard set-up. Whether or not it fits the format is a slightly different question though – I tend to see the JLDN streams as a more relaxed One Show-esque thing and in that sense I think the sofa works slightly better. It’s a really small thing though. Definitely not worth the 103 words I dedicated to it before I started writing this sentence.

Theo and Mahria are both great at the start, and basically continue being great throughout. There’s a few autocue problems, but they’re not catastrophic.

Slight hiccup during VT1, where Charlie is suddenly removed from the screen and Isla stares mutely into my soul for a good five seconds or so. I think Theo apologised and acknowledged it, but I can’t really know as his mic was switched off.

Nicola was good with the bulletins, but it seems like there was a problem with the autocue which probably made life slightly more difficult.

A couple more microphone issues deprive me of the witty repartee between our hosts once the bulletins have finished, crushing my soul irreparably. It’s sorted out quickly though, and all is well again as Theo reads the introduction to Leanne’s VT.

The VT is great. I don’t really have anything else to add.

Theo and Mahria head back to the sofa. I can only assume this has corrected some great imbalance in the universe, because the autocue is working again.

We’re off to Saf now, which I suppose means I now have to talk about my role and the various fun adventures I had that day. The iPod kit I had available did include a small collar mic, so Saf could waft her hands around like a real reporter if she wanted, but unfortunately it was basically useless as there was no way to get the audio from that microphone into the iPod without directly linking them with the stumpy cord. This is why we’re using the larger microphone. I realised at the time I was wobbling (appalling posture on my part, or possibly a micro-earthquake) but it’s worse on the feed than I thought it was going to be. The intense jolt after we get our followup question (there was a brief delay there) is from me wiggling a finger to get the point across that a question had been asked as Saf couldn’t hear the show. With hindsight, it would have been easier to just wink or something. 

Back to the sofa and I can hear all the Temple Run fun, cheering me up instantly. Theo and Mahria have been good throughout and continue to be as they introduce Shola’s VT.

Shola’s team’s VT is excellent. My tiny, tiny, complaint is that the Gaming Society President’s description on his lower third is miniature and hard to read.

Another mic issue as we head back to Mahria and Theo introduces our team’s VT.

I edited this, and even though (like everything I’m associated with) it’s utterly unimpeachable in its brilliance I definitely think I could have done it better. I’d had a lot of technical issues with my state of the art 2015 MacBook Air, which involved an inordinately long time uninstalling and reinstalling my operating system and basically just feeling sorry for myself. Such that the file actually needed to be converted from one format to another at the last moment before the show went live. It was a total headache, and there are mistakes in the final thing I find really frustrating. The fact that James Walsh has no lower third, the fact that there’s a few stray syllables once he appears on camera, and the fact that I somehow managed to misplace the half-second of audio where he says “at the Student’s Union” so it sounds like he’s the Head of Representation, Advice and Insight just in general, for the universe. So to conclude – I’m not happy with it. Under the circumstances though, I’m basically just pleased it exists at all.

Moving swiftly on, James is a great sofa guest and the presenters continue to do well. The sound levels were a little uneven, but thankfully in the direction of quietness rather than ear-splitting volume.

The lighting on Olivia isn’t great, she’s a bit hard to see and the brightness of the whiteboard relative to the walls makes the text on there hard to read as well. And there was a brief camera slip, but it’s all good. Quickly recovered. Olivia did really well, the stories were good and it was an entertaining segment.

A couple of sound issues in Delina’s VT, I have no idea whether’s that’s a result of the desk or the VT itself. The shot where she walks through the automatic doors is good, and provides some thrilling tension as you wonder whether the doors will open in time to prevent her bumping into them (they do). The sound levels are a bit off but overall it’s a good VT. 

That’s pretty much the end, there was no goodbye (which personally I found rather hurtful) and a delay before the end credits but then that’s it.

It wasn’t our finest work. Myself very much included. It wasn’t awful though. I’d give it a 4/10. Slightly worse than unremarkable but not Hindenburg Disaster levels of catastrophic by any stretch.