Week 1 journalism

On Monday I had actually joined the zoom call an hour late because of difficulties actually logging on to moodle so that wasn’t a good start. However in that seminar we learned about the use of natural sound. We got sent off to do a task where we had to record 5 different rooms in our living area; the bedroom, kitchen, bathroom, hallway and the living room.

On Tuesday I joined the call on time. In the Tuesday seminar we discussed the use of sound montages. Also in the call we were put into our break out groups where we had to share our sound recordings. I had not actually yet recorded my sounds up to this point as I was preparing it to do later that day as I thought it was preparation for my workshop lesson on Thursday. Later that day I installed Adobe audition and recorded my sounds.

On Wednesdays zoom call we had the discussed the more legal side of content creation. I only stayed for an hour in that zoom call as I had personal issues at home so I had to get home as soon as possible.

On Thursday it was my workshop day, where we basically just went through our sound recordings of our different rooms. Matt demonstrated what to do with the recordings and how to edit them all together. I never really felt uncomfortable with the software and didn’t really understand it.

final thoughts: after this first week of journalism, I feel quite overwhelmed and very out of my depth, I’m not happy with it and I’m adamant it’s not for me, I’m not going to beat around the bush. That’s why I’m requesting just to do criminology now.