Camberwell Yards: Camberwell’s Regeneration

Boxpark Shoreditch
Plans have now been set for a new shopping and dining centre in Camberwell, the new up and coming area of southeast London.

Inspired by Boxpark, a temporary pop up complex which is very much beloved of hipsters in areas such as Shoreditch and Croydon, Camberwell Yards will provide fourteen units dedicated to food and beverages, community use, independent businesses and it will even have a central communal area for flexible use.

However, how is this new project going to affect Camberwell, its local residents and businesses?

The area’s locals are thrilled about the idea of having something different and new in which they can spend their time and believe Camberwell can only benefit from this unique concept.

Nicola, 44, considers that “it would be good because a lot of people that live here would normally go to other areas and it might integrate other people as well”. Colin, 53, seconds this idea – “It’s going to regenerate, bring more money and different people. Hopefully with this development we’ll also get an underground train because that’s what Camberwell needs”.

When it comes to local businesses, this project will provide opportunities for them to contribute with food and drink to the new project

Summing it up, Camberwell Yards is a great opportunity to regenerate Camberwell, attracting more people to the area and increasing its economic value. It will hopefully be finished in time for summer next year.

Photo © Phiadon Press