Skaters vs business owners … who’s the winner?

Skaters in London’s Southbank speak about their lives in the skate park.

So today I went for a little stroll across Southbank in London to have a look and see if there was anything happening. I came across the skate park.  The skate park has been around since 1970s and it has always been part of London’s skaters’ lives.

The skate park can be found the under croft of the Southbank Centre. Whilst I stopped to have a look at the skate park, I also managed to speak to a skater, Remi, 18, attends UCL. He told me a bit more about the skate park. “They have come before and tried to lock it” says Remi. He told me about how they have tried shutting the skate park before but they actually never managed to. These skaters have said that the skate park is the place where they make friends and can just chill. Although the skate park is very good during the day, I was warned not to go during night time as it can get a bit out of hand. I recommend going to see the skate park because it’s not only a great place to meet people of different backgrounds, but also they have great graffiti which you can also see.