Has the digital journalism changed us ?

Digital development has changed our way of thinking and acting towards news?

Digital journalism started out in the UK around 1970s when teletext was created. It  could be said that digital journalism is killing out newspapers but really this is the time for newspapers to be turning into digital journalism as it will get more readers.

A lot of newspapers have already changed their way of selling online, they will increase the multimedia price and lower the print, this will improve their hardcopy sales. Digital journalism can be very different to newspaper as they are also a very driven by advertising. The difference with digital journalism and newspaper is that in digital journalism there isn’t a limit to what you can write, you can write 15 pages on anything, whilst on newspaper you have to have a specific topic and be very brief about it so that you grab people’s attention.

I don’t think newspapers should be worried about digital journalism because there is still people who are longing for the long-form journalism which is newspaper. This although only applies for good journalist who know how to write a story.