Does the way we posture ourselves say a lot about us, does our body communicate by itself ?

Nonverbal communication is key in a conversation. Our body posture sends its own message out even when we aren’t in a conversation. The gestures we make, the way we sit, how fast or how loud we talk, how close we stand, how much eye contact we make all send a very strong message to the people surrounding us. The thing with body language is even when we’re silent we’re still communicating through our body language. 

People care about our body language as much as they care about what you are saying. The way you posture  yourself, look at them and move tells them if you care about what they’re saying or not.  We can know a lot before someone even opens their mouth and this is by their face expression. 

We always try and change our body language for the different types of conversations we have, or who we have them with. For example if its someone who is in charge you will always stand straight, look them in the eyes and nod to what they are saying so they know you’re listening.