What is the role of a journalist in a world where news is also provided by citizen journalist and user generated content ?

Some time ago journalism used to have different rules to todays journalism, this was of course to please the audience just like it is now.

The first three old rules were:

  • The power elite: stories about powerful individuals.
  • Celebrities: stories about famous people.
  • Entertainment: stories about sex, animals, human interests and drama etc…

These are not the same now, our society has changed and there for the way we target our audience also has. 

The first three new rules:

  • Exclusivity: stories given to a news company first.
  • Bad news: terrorism attacks, accidents or any story with a negative outcome
  • Conflict: stories concerning conflict such as controversies, arguments and splits etc…

People have changed the way they want their news, so we change our rules to go along with them. Before stories seemed to be happier but now we want the darker stories first. We want to know what bad things are going around the world, our society has grown into this since so much has been happening in the past couple of years.

Although we do become bias because we only read the bad news first we don’t usually see all the good that is also happening in the world.

What news values is:

  • a consideration of what type of news the audience want and need.
  • a idea of organisational, sociological and cultural norms combined with economic factors.