Mona Chalabi

  • Data gives you a scale
  • Statistic can be misleading
  • It’s hard to understand sometimes where the numbers come from
  • There’s good and bad statistics
  • Political poll – it’s not accurate at all
  • Polling is very inaccurate now because of the way our society has changed
  • How was the data gathered?
  • Look at the survey properly, read every question.
  • How many people have answered the surveys, polls, questionnaires.
  • Who asks the questions
  • Go to the source of the survey, who wrote the survey . You need raw material. 

Alan Smith

  • Statistics can be more reliable method of whats true
  • One annual survey captions the 
  • It shows the real side of the world and not just perception 
  • Perception can determine how you think and vote
  • People perceive things different to actual reality
  • You can read things and people can read it as facts