Lucid dreams is the name of UNDERAGE’s collection for SS19.

The inspiration for this collection comes from ‘club kids’ era which happened during the late 80s and early 90s. The new UNDERAGE collection takes a look at craziness and transformation. UNDERAGE tried to celebrate a loved culture that we still see in our day-to-day.

The collections name comes has a psychedelic and vibrant undertone, you can also see this in each of the looks. The garments also have sexual images that you can see alongside bold colours. Although these details have been placed in subtle places for the people who wear it can grasp their inner desires and also set themselves free.

One of my favourite pieces from the presentation was this denim look. The whole outfit is denim, the jacket also had nice details on the back which really stands out.

UNDERAGE had an idea for Lucid dreams, this idea was were all members of the society are prisoners to their own notions of identity and a lot of the collection is based on Erik Erikson’s ‘Four stages of the identity crisis’.

Even though distressed denim was everywhere, SS19 for UNDERAGE showed denim in different appearances. There was denim mixed with shirts and also tailored fabrics. They had embroideries and bold colours.

UNDERAGE wanted to empower womenswear with androgynous clothes feel to it. They used varies materials, such as the one I’ve mentioned before distress denim, traditional tailoring fabrics which included wool and cotton.