Mamma Mia

RATING: ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️/⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

I went to the Novello Theatre to watch Mamma Mia, which is one of my favourite musicals. I had never seen the play before but I have watched the movie many, many times. I was not disappointed with the play one bit, it honestly was amazing. Now the new film has come out, I advise everyone to go and watch the play too if you have time whilst visiting London. 

The atmosphere during the play was brilliant, everyone knew the words to the songs since they are ABBAs’ greatest hits and they all seemed to sing along too. 

If you have time whilst visiting London, go to the theatre and watch it. There’s also an app called Todaytix which sells them at great prices and you can be right at the front. 

Essie Buckham the creator or Fortie Label


Essie Buckham’s made her big London fashion week debut on Friday the 16th of Feb. Having won Fashion Scout’s Merit Award she was able to show off her talent at LFW18. As she received a fully sponsored catwalk show hosted by Fashion Scout. Before The Merit Award she already had the likes of Rihanna and Jorja Smith wearing her brand and supporting her. Which is a brilliant achievement.  The collection she created was my favourite one of the day. She brought all her game into this show, by creating incredible looks. When the show ended I got a chance to have a quick interview with her to discuss her catwalk show.

Fortie catwalk show at Fashion Scout, London Fashion Week 2018


“It was inspired by video vixens of the 90’s and noughties, just classic R&B videos, Hip-Hop videos.”

Fortie catwalk show at Fashion Scout, London Fashion Week 2018 .Her inspiration came from the women in those music videos and how men in Hip-Hop were portraying the women, as just ‘women, money, weed or alcohol’. This inspiration was taken and showed in her looks. Her first model was male, wearing a big fur coat and chinos. Splashing money around. The male model gave his fur coat to the female model, who was wearing a dark brown swimsuit which was collaborated with Louisa Ballou.

The Merit Award winner wanted to create a ‘new’ uniform for the women, as she said “every woman kind of relates to being objectified at least once in their life”, the show she wanted to put on and the looks she wanted to create were meant to make women feel ” more fierce, fearless and like a tough bad b****”



“It feels great. It’s amazing, they’re all very supportive. Females in the game that just love my stuff and I love working with them and they have their ideas of doing custom things and they’re not afraid to push the boundaries with silhouettes and pattern cutting, or embroideries or crazy hand painted stuff.”

It isn’t easy being a WOC in the fashion industry but she is still going at it and creating one stunning look after another. She worked very hard to get to where she is today, and is still working hard to achieve her goals. “I never thought I would be here” said Essie.


“Its very tough, its been a struggle to get here in a sense. I don’t think of that, I don’t rely on that as an excuse. I just want other POC’s to see what I’m doing. To see all these beautiful women of colour and men of colour killing it. Just the visibility is important. When I was growing up I didn’t see that.”

Essie wants to be an inspiration for young people of colour, that they should believe in their dreams.


Las Iguanas: A review


Las Iguanas, the place where you can dance your troubles away. 

Las Iguanas is a Latin American dining restaurant chain that was created in the U.K. Visiting Las Iguanas was surely an experience to remember, the atmosphere was incredible everyone was extremely friendly and the drinks were exceptional. I hadn’t planned on going to Las Iguanas at all, I was just out on a walk down the South bank and stumbled across it, and what a discovery this was. As soon as you walk in into Las Iguanas you see the dance floor with a DJ, the music played is Latin music which is amazing to dance to. Not only does Las Iguanas serve amazing alcohol but they also do delicious dishes which are all Latin. 

There’s even a happy hour at Las Iguanas 2for1 on drinks, from 12-7pm. 

I definetly recommend going to Las Iguanas if you’re up for a dance, nice refreshing cocktail and a spicy meal. 

The opening hours for South Bank Centre – Las Iguanas is:

Monday – Tuesday: 10am – 11pm

Wedneaday – Thursday: 10am – 12am

Friday – Saturday: 10am – 2 am

Sunday – 10am – 10:30pm 

Skaters vs business owners … who’s the winner?

Skaters in London’s Southbank speak about their lives in the skate park.

So today I went for a little stroll across Southbank in London to have a look and see if there was anything happening. I came across the skate park.  The skate park has been around since 1970s and it has always been part of London’s skaters’ lives.

The skate park can be found the under croft of the Southbank Centre. Whilst I stopped to have a look at the skate park, I also managed to speak to a skater, Remi, 18, attends UCL. He told me a bit more about the skate park. “They have come before and tried to lock it” says Remi. He told me about how they have tried shutting the skate park before but they actually never managed to. These skaters have said that the skate park is the place where they make friends and can just chill. Although the skate park is very good during the day, I was warned not to go during night time as it can get a bit out of hand. I recommend going to see the skate park because it’s not only a great place to meet people of different backgrounds, but also they have great graffiti which you can also see.