Fire breaks out at Elephant and Castle Tower block

residents forced to evacuate after a fire breaks out at Elephant and Castle tower block.

A fire broke out on the 18th floor of a tower block building in Elephant and Castle, South London at 11am on Thursday. 

Eight fire engines charged to the scene in which the fire was seen consuming a balcony. The smoke from the blaze consumed three floors of the building resulting in the evacuation of the residents on those floors. 

The fire brigade arrived at the scene at 12:15am, blocking off the road to contain the situation as much as possible. Within  an hour- and- a -half the fire was under control and no one was reported to have been injured. However firefighters on the scene say “the cause of the fire is not yet known” 

The incident reignited the conversation of the Grenfell Tragedy in 2017 that killed 72 people. Due to the rapid gentrification of Elephant and Castle, concerns have been raised about tower block safety. There is  the fear of whether council blocks are provided the same quality of fire safety measures that the newer more expensive buildings are.

LSBU students ‘outraged’ over accommodation conditions

Dante Road - London South Bank University - Dante Road London

Dante road halls of residence.

 LSBU Students have accused the university of ripping them off with high prices and appalling accommodation conditions. The students have heavily criticised the university over the state of the rooms and neglect from the staff.

Upon arrival students were met with problems ranging from access to basic necessities such as hot water to the growing mould and silverfish in the bathrooms. LSBU Students strongly believe “the rent amount is unjust for the conditions”

Unlike McLaren and David Bomberg, Dante halls of residence has been the forefront of the majority of these complaints. When interviewing the residents at Dante, they all shared similar displeasing experiences. For instance the defective boilers that leave the students without hot water for days. Alongside the growing mould and mice infestation. 

Cerise Mathews, 19, said:” I’ve been living in Dante for almost three months and everything just seems to be getting worse without any actual help from the reception. The mould in the showers was my main problem but now our flats have mice!”

Concerns have also been raised about the staff’s lack of  assistance with the residences. The students claim that every complaint brought to the staff’s attention is met with “neglect” or barely resolved. However upon asking the deputy manager at Dante about the uproar of complaints he stated “every issue brought to our attention is dealt with immediately”