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Adjusting to university life

I have began my first year studying international relations with journalism at London Southbank . My experience has been a mixture of both positive times and challenges. Juggling different aspects of life is becoming over bearing. The transformation from sixth form to university has had a bigger impact on me than expected. Being able to manage university life as well as work and still have time for a social life is proving to be challenging. A social life right now is near non existent. It’s becoming apparent that adult life is near. 

The transformation itself hasn’t been too difficult in relation to movement as I’m still living at home however, the juggling of responsibilities is what I’m finding challenging. I work as a photographer for events which takes up majority of my free time so maintaining a good social life is near to impossible. Meeting with friends is so hard considering we all work and have different responsibilities. However, slowly I’m figuring out ways to balance all my responsibilities and ease my work load.