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The obsession over Hookah


I can not claim that I’m not a part of this multitude of people who have a somewhat obsession with shisha lounges, but what is the fascination over shisha?

Some may claim that the ambience, the food and the entertainment is what makes Shisha so popular. Shisha Lounges have become embedded within London culture and play a huge part in our social scene. Edgware Road is one of many places in London packed with Hookah lounges. Hookah originates from Middle East and certain parts of Asia but has become extremely popular in western countries. They are constantly full with people from different backgrounds and with people of all ages. Shisha lounges are very inclusive which could be why they are so popular with a variety of different people.

Speaking as a inidivudal who frequently goes to Shisha lounges, I would say that the ambience is what draws people in. The diversity is also what makes people feel comfortable to go to Shisha lounges.


Hookah lounges have become so popular that instagram “influencers” are constantly promoting Hookah lounges to their millions of followers. Thanks to instagram and other means of social media, places like hookah lounges have gained extreme popularity. When people see these public figures promoting these places they too want to be a part of that trend. I would definitely say that people go to hookah lounges because of its popularity more then anything else. Social media plays a huge part in altering the social scene, as it has already done. Hookah lounges are now even considered upscale. There are Hookah lounges located in North London that are very lavish and expensive.