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Greenwich market

Greenwich Market located in South London , is a historic market home to a wide range of food stalls and shops. The market draws in many tourists on a day to day basis, food stalls are always busy and shops are always crowded. It is interesting to witness how one market is able to bring a variety of people together. People from all around the world gather to experience what London and its versatility has to offer. The food stalls range from authentic British cuisines to homemade Indian food. Food markets, often overlooked, are able to bring a sense of diversity and unity within London. They allow people from all across the world to witness the versatility that London has to

The obsession over Hookah

I can not claim that I'm not a part of this multitude of people who have a somewhat obsession with shisha lounges, but what is the fascination over shisha? Some may claim that the ambience, the food and the entertainment is what makes Shisha so popular. Shisha Lounges have become embedded within London culture and play a huge part in our social scene. Edgware Road is one of many places in London packed with Hookah lounges. Hookah originates from Middle East and certain parts of Asia but has become extremely popular in western countries. They are constantly full with people from different backgrounds and with people of all ages. Shisha lounges are very inclusive which could be why they are

Adjusting to university life

I have began my first year studying international relations with journalism at London Southbank . My experience has been a mixture of both positive times and challenges. Juggling different aspects of life is becoming over bearing. The transformation from sixth form to university has had a bigger impact on me than expected. Being able to manage university life as well as work and still have time for a social life is proving to be challenging. A social life right now is near non existent. It's becoming apparent that adult life is near.  The transformation itself hasn’t been too difficult in relation to movement as I'm still living at home however, the juggling of responsibilities is what I’m finding challenging. I work