Underbelly , a festival not to miss

Simply walking past will automatically draw you into entering Southbank’s ongoing festival , Underbelly. Immediately captivated by the colours and scenery .

At first sight ,Underbelly festival is the hotspot to be on a Friday evening and entry being free makes it a whole lot better than it already is . I visited the festival at around 3pm on a Thursday , giving me a different perspective of what the festival actually holds due to its bizarre serenity and calmness, compared to what bypassers and festival goers informed me. Regular festival goer Ed McDermott strangely explains that Underbelly almost comes alive at night ,and as I listened more and more , I became intrigued to what goes on later in on the day , or on a Friday evening where he described Underbelly as being ‘ a variety of different people , all here to socialise and have a good time , whether it be with friends , a partner or family’.

Entry to the festival is free , however ,there are food stalls selling hotdogs and burgers and mini pubs , giving the festival a laid-back yet friendly atmosphere . Thee are live shows like the ‘Roaring Twenties Revue’ which introduces a modern twit on Burlesque. Music is always playing away at Underbelly , from the latest pop songs to classic Amy Winehouse , making it appeal to all types of audiences . Closing on the 30th of September , Underbelly is definitely not one to miss . 

(Located at 30 The Queen’s Walk , Lambeth , London SE1 8XX)

Text by : Amira Eshemi