The new era of digital journalism

In today’s 21st century world, with all the technological advancements , journalism has undoubtedly changed.

Many have moved from using newspapers and magazines as their sources to gain information , due to the internet access, as well as all of the social media platforms ,such as ; Instagram , Facebook , Twitter , etc. If you think of it , it is crazy how many people use them per day , and how many more ‘users’ join. With those platforms being created , literally anyone can be a journalist – as people have the power to quickly spread the information around the internet-around the world. Today, journalist have to adjust their skills , to keep up with the pace at which the information is spreading , and the speed with which technologies are developing .

The constant development of the devices , is also impacting journalism . As well as the social platforms , devices allow people to quickly access any information – which is very convenient – and is another reason why many have moved from using the usual sources , such as ; newspapers, magazines.

Digital developments continue affecting journalism everyday , and both , negative and positive outcomes may be seen . Not only they affect journalism as a whole , but also journalists as individuals.