Mari Vanna – Russian restaurant in London – review(2017)

Have you ever wondered how people used to live in the USSR? How did their houses look? What did they usually eat?The moment you enter the restaurant , you are immediately dragged into the spirit of the Soviet Union , and experience a meal in one of the ‘Russian dachas‘.

Mari Vanna (Ginza Project) is a branch of a small chain with 5 restaurants situated in ; London , Moscow , St Petersburg , Baku and New York. The prices are quite high , the average bill for two is about 75 pounds – however the experience is worth it.

In Mari Vanna even the smallest detail is thought-about. For instance when you enter the restrooms there are Russian national tales playing, which is very entertaining even if you don’t know the language.

As it is a Russian restaurant all of the staff members speak Russian , but if you don’t – there’s absolutely nothing to worry about, as they will be more than happy to assist you in English.

The food is traditional and simple. What may really be enjoyed by the guests is that their meal is cooked with real Russian products, such as ‘Kolbosa ‘ , which is a sort of ham or a sausage – which is usually consumed by most of the Russian people . If you’d like to try, then order the ‘Olivier ‘ salad  – this salad is usually one of the dishes that all of the Russian families enjoy on the New Years eve.

Russian sour cream is another thing that you might want to try . It differs from the one we are familiar with in the UK, and it is usually added to soups ,and other various dishes. You can order ‘Borscht ‘ soup(which is traditionally Ukranian , but people consider it Russian )- and add the sour cream. 

With all of the traditional and delicious food that Mari Vanna offers, visiting  the restaurant will definitely not be a waste of your time and your money . Enjoy the Russian cuisine .