Virtual reality in storytelling

With the development of technologies today , journalists face new challenges when creating an experience that lives across platforms – immersive experience.

News in a dynamic storytelling (such as in VR) may be very entertaining as the audience is at the centre of the process . However journalists should be very careful in how the ‘story’ is presented, as it is likely that the audience would experience vulnerability and openness while living the story.  This may affect people in different ways , which highlights that journalists have a new level of responsibility .

Receiving the information through the VR allows people to experience and absorb the sounds and sights of a particular place ,but when doing so , people usually have an emotional response, which may result in empathy regarding the people that they have seen in the virtual reality.

Journalists have to be careful when creating the immersive experience , as it should inform the audience ,and show both sides of the story equally, without creating empathy to a particular party of the story. This may sometimes be challenging , however a very important thing to do.

Storytelling in virtual reality is something that keeps on developing amongst journalists , and is a very interesting and entertaining way of delivering news – however there are many obstacles that should be considered before the creation of such experience.