The importance of body language in journalism

Body language is the communication through gestures , movements , facial expressions and basically the positions of the speaker and the listener – in journalism the position of the interviewer and interviewee. Body language allows journalists to gain a greater insight into the character of the person that they are interviewing.

In an interview , body language is very important , as within a usual short period of time given for the interview , the journalist – with the help of the body language – would be able to get a sense of what the source represents to the story . Journalists would also be able to evaluate the source and after tell the story in much more depth, as the body language of the interviewed person may give indications whether he or she is trying to lie or hide something , or maybe that person feels uncomfortable discussing a particular topic .

Positive and Negative forms of body language help journalists understand whether the source is telling the truth ,or lying . Those forms of body language may also establish the tone that the interview will be in , as well as whether the source feels comfortable speaking to the interviewer .

Body language is very important in an interview and thus is usually analysed by the journalists  in order to accurately portray the person in their story.