Valery Krytcyn – A young gentlemen stepping into the music industry

Ronaldo once said ” If you don’t have talent – forget it ” .Valery Krytcyn disagrees , ” A person can achieve whatever he or she wants as long as they have passion” .  A 19 year old , young and promising Valery  is not a footballer , but a young musician . His band performed at festivals in England  when he was still in school – today, he plays drums and the piano , writes songs  , and studies Music management at the LCCM university

Valery grew up  in St.Petersburg ,Russia–  his first steps in music came when his mother took him to piano classes at the age of 3. When he was 11 Valery went to a boarding school in York ,England, and with the years his love of music has only grown stronger. Tatyana – Valery’s mother – says ” When Val went to the boarding school , his success in music began to rapidly grow” . During year 10 , Valery and his friend Rocky created a band called ‘Tour’. During the next year their school offered a music contest  called ‘Battle of the bands’ , and ‘Tour auditioned’. The winner would get a chance to go to the ‘AMP Awards Contest’ and represent their school.  Val’s band won the music competition in school and after the ‘AMP Awards ‘. Later on they took part in a festival , –  ” I don’t remember the name of it to be honest” , Valery laughs  –  however he remembers that they were paid for their performance for the first time.

In life , Valery is a real gentlemen – always polite , always considerate. He always holds doors for people , and not just for women. He is also a gentlemen of our time that is opened to new people and is not afraid to share the intimate details of his life. For instance ,when asked , ”Do you have any inspirations that help you write songs? ”, Valery stares at one point and laughs. ” It scares me that I have recently gotten inspired by this, but after I smoked a joint I heard  a melody in my head ”. He blushed after saying this, however was more than happy to continue sharing his thoughts – “Sometimes when you are sober minded it’s hard to come up with unique ideas” , ” I understand that this is not a very good influence though”.

Today Valery is not 100% sure what exactly he would like to do in future , however is a 100% sure that it will have something to do with the music industry. Dave Wibberley – Valery’s teacher at the LCCM university – as well as the owner of the Artist management company ‘MagnoliaMAM ltd’ , answered the question whether Valery has a potential in the music industry .”At this early point in Val’s studies it is hard to say , but on the basis of him being multi-lingual, clearly understanding business principles , being a very organized and efficient person and loving music I am confident that after graduation he will be able to find a solid job where he can start to build a genuine music industry career.”