The new London Overground night service

From Friday, 15th December the  new London overground night service will operate between Dalston Junction and New Cross Gate. The night service will be available on Friday and Saturday nights , as well as the early mornings of Saturday and Sunday. The people of Rotherhithe will benefit from the new night service, as Rotherhithe , Canada Water , and Surrey Quays stations are between the Dalston Junction and New Cross .

The New London Overground night service will provide huge benefits ; those who are working during the night will be able to travel easily without having to find other alternative and affordable ways of traveling – tourists will have the opportunity to explore London and enjoy everything it has to offer even during the night time.

However the new overground service will not only bring benefits. Some of the local people may suffer from the noise and disturbance during the night , but measures to reduce the noises will be taken , and anyone may contact the TFL’s 24/7 Customer service center if they are affected by the overground night service.

Rotherhithe , Canada Water and Surrey Quays stations all have connecting night busses , which makes it even more convenient for all those traveling at night time.