World Nuttella Daty- What do you spread it on?

Across the world people are celebrating World Nutella Day and more importantly what  food they like to spread their chocolate spread on I’ve been to investigate the crazes 


Monday 5th February is world Nutella day where Nutella fans across the world come together to share their love for the chocolates spread and what they like to spread Nuttella on. Through social media people are sharing photo’s and idea’s of Nuttella treats and as of 13:00 Nuttella Day was treading 3rd on Twitter with 4,715 Tweets in the morning alone.


Where did Nutella come from?


Originally create by Pietro Ferro who was a baker in Alba in 1946, to who force to use Hazelnuts, which there was plenty of in the Northwestern region of Italy. The receipt for the Nutty chocolate spread is hazelnuts, coca solids and skimmed milk. However in its native land of Italy, Nutella cannot be called as a ‘chocolate cream’, due it not meeting the correct level if coca solids in the receipt.


So whether you enjoy it on your toast or you something a little more exotic, be to remember to post your Nuttella receipts on Social Media with #WorldNutellaDay and remember to listen to the clips below.