Live Show 5th February 2018

VT problems for the team however we was still able to ensure that work was complete for the show


It’s seems as if it would not be a live show,. Without drama or some kind of problem for the team. I am in Content group 2, which consists of me, Leanne Cresswell, Sidney Stanford and Jacob Dickinson. We had our news brief on the Wednesday giving us five days to be able to film. Leanne unfortunately was unwell to be with us due to ill health. However remained in communication and proactive on our WhatsApp group and was a real help with the idea of our story.


Once we knew that we was going to be doing the Carbon Footprint story, we set out organising a time to meet and book equipment. Both Sidney and Jacob would be away for the majority of the weekend. This resulted in little opportunity for us to film. I felt very stress, as I was trying to find an logistical way of ensuring that we were able to film on time. Someone came up with the idea of filming on Friday night after Sidney returned from Manchester. I didn’t feel comfortable with this ,  as it will be late and there would only be the two of us.


I decide that Sunday would be a good day to film; Me, Leanne and Sidney would meet up and film and Jacob would write the article . That is what happened. The roles of the week would then be me , filming, Sidney presenting, Leanne editing and Jacob writing the news article. 


We completed the filming and editing on Sunday and the VT was uploaded on Dropbox, Sunday night. I felt that with my team unavailable through different parts of the week, the job organising the group and ensuring the task was completed was left to me and I had a lot of stress because of this. I went to both Rebecca and Sam , to seek advice, ensure that we completed the VT. A stressful start to the semester and first live show, however onwards and upwards.