Live show-5th March 2018

This week I was the director of the live show and I was going to give it my all


I had the opportunity to be the director of the show, I had been waiting for ages to do this and now I had the chance. I would start by coming in earlier at 8:45 to try out different angles and to ensure that I was prepared for the show. I used the time to set up a new angle for the two sofa presenters. This would be a desk shoot, instead of the sofa’s. I move the camera in place and then adjusted based on the height of my presenters.


There day itself was mixed I worked hard to ensure that I met the requirements of my role, I was experimenting with different angles and different shots. This would resulted in a lot preparing and would also mean working through out the live show to move different people to their different spots.


The live show did not go to plan and the pressure did take its toll on me. This resulted serval mistakes that were noticeable. For example getting confused with preview and live on the desk and changing the camera at the wrong time. However during the  show, Angela was on audio, when a package played in I could still hear the presenters. I looked over and Angela was on here phone. I had to reach over with Sam and turn down the audio. This resulted me losing control and having to try and keep up with the show. I already felt under pressure struggling as it was and this only made thing’s harder for myself.


The live show was not a good one at all and the mistakes, really let me down. I tried different thing but the execution was very poor of the show. I have no regrets as I would rather make mistakes from trying new things, then to do the norm and make mistakes as well.