Winter Olympics- Lizzy Yarnold races like a bullet to retain gold medal in the for Team GB

Elizabeth Anne Yarnold has won Team GB first Gold medal as she raced like a rocket down the skeleton to finished in first on Saturday night as it was an historical night for Team GB


Lizzy, as she is better well known as was suffering with a chest infection throughout the final. She started .30 second when come down the first time laps. Yarnold continued to build up speed and by time she was at the second time laps she had increased her lead to 0.44 second. The time to beat 2:51:11, set by the then leader of the Skeleton leader Jacqueline Loelling. As Lizzy contiued to push she carry on building up the speed more and more. The vital corner she came round with a 0.50 second lead and was almost certain for the win. A tight finish but Lizzy finished with a time of 3:27:28, Arnold was 0.45 second a head. Winning the first gold for Team GB. When asked about how she was going to celebrate winning gold at the Winter Olympics she said, “I need to get over my chest infection first,”. Arnold illness made her performance even more impressive and even more special for her to look back on in years not come. 

  • In the other event, Britain’s Penny Coomes and Nick Buckland are in with chance of winning gold. The pair are in the final of the Ice Dances competition after scoring 68.36 for secure their place in the final.  


Men’s Curling team are joint third on the table. They narrowly beat Denmark 7-6 GB skipper Kyle Smith lead the into a sudden game that saw Team GB come out with the win. This gives Team GB men’s Curling  a chance of wining a medal, if they can win the semi-final game. The women teaam are also in action against Switzerland today.