Our final live show of the year- Monday 30th April

After a mad rush over the last year we have finally finished our live shows for the year a shame it has all come to an end



For had our finally live show of our academic year this week, an emotional end to the year. We have all work hard and put a lot of effort into making sure that the shows are perfect. This week we all made a large effort to make sure that packages where at their best.


In our package we did the pub trade dying out. It was a wired week for us as a group, due to the fact that myself, Leanne and Sidney were all be presenting in the live show . We could have opted for Jacob to present but instead we got Sidney to present due to the fact that he has leading the story. The story was the closing down of pubs in London. Sidney is a barman and had contacts to be able to get us an interview with one of his managers. I was not able to film again but make sure I contributed by doing the written article. 


The live show went well. I was the Social Media presenter. I felt a little nervous about being the social media presenter, as I had not presented in a while. Once I was set up and had a few practises I felt relaxed with the role.  During the live show I had a few problems with the bored not working however I manager to overcomes and remain professional.


Overall the two semesters have given myself and the team many challenges. It has pushed in many way and we have had to work hard over the year to ensure that we made content for the show. I have enjoy the experience and looking forward to doing it all again in year three.