Getting to ‘The Altar’ with Banks | Album Review

With a female empowering message and a touch of femininity, The Altar is the second album released by the American singer and songwriter Banks.


After Goddess had shown us how painful and hopeless relationships can be, we are now taken to The Altar where ‘mind games‘ and self-love go great together. Released in October 2016, the record is everything everyone was expecting. Powerful, passionate and confident, the album has 13 tracks which all have the same question: Do love and sacrifice go hand in hand?


As well as the audio, everyone was left speechless when the album art came out. Photographed by Thomas Whiteside, Jillian Banks (known simply as Banks) taught us how simplicity can, at the same time, mean power. In The Altar’s cover she presents herself au naturale, only showing her freckled face in a black and white portrait. Whilst in Goddess she hides behind her dark fringe and the capital letters of the deep red coloured album.

The lyrics are as mindblowing as the whole set. She describes them as “graphic, gritty, honest and raw”. Joining it all together it is clear that Banks created a pure work of art.

I think everyone agrees that The Altar is a very strong and personal record with a great feminist message, and that its deep words definitely make it one of the best albums of 2016.

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banks-1Photos: Thomas Whiteside