Live show feedback

19 October 2017 | 1st show | Week 4

As for the first live show, I wasn’t given a specific role, however, I still had a VT to work on. I and my VT Team went to Waterloo Road to some get Vox Pops and interviews about the new Smart Strawberry Benches. We filmed for over 3 days and Emma edited everything in one afternoon. I did all the shots with my own camera and helped Nick getting people for the interviews.

As for the actual show, like I mentioned before, I wasn’t given a specific role so I just sat in the background doing some work. 
In my opinion, the show went really well. Everyone seemed to know what they were doing and that created a really professional and, at the same time, relaxed environment. Even though there were some technical difficulties, for the first time, it could have been worse.


26 October 2017 | 2nd show | Week 5

My team’s VT for this week was harder to get together. We covered Mayor Sadiq Khan’s new congestion charge, the T-Charge, and I can surely say it was a challenge to find drivers in London. Nevertheless, we managed to do it after a few hours of wondering around elephant and castle.

As for the live show, since the role rotations only happen every two weeks, just like last time, I wasn’t given a role. In spite of not being present (because I was feeling terribly sick), I still watched it. Things seemed to have gone much more smoothly than last week. The presenters were more relaxed and confident, and the quality of everyone’s VTs improved.

Once again, it wouldn’t be a live show without some unpredictable events. The microphone of the Bulletin presenter was on such a low volume that it was almost inaudible. Hopefully, the production team will overcome the volume problems in our next show.


9 November 2017 | 3rd show | Week 7

In comparison to the last two shows, this time, the production team outdid itself.
Leanne, as a director, did a wonderful job leading everyone, making sure we all knew when to come in action. Plus, both presenters were 100% comfortable in their position (and with each other), giving the whole show a pleasant atmosphere that was joyful to watch.

My role this week was of Bulletin Editor, meaning I had to work very closely with Remeka, the Bulletin Presenter. The pressure wasn’t as high as I was expecting. I had the simple job of writing down four relevant stories, get still images to match them and help Remeka with the script.

The only moment of panic I had was when breaking news came in, making me change one of the stories and get another image, as the current one wouldn’t be compatible anymore.
Nevertheless, I managed to do it just in time for the show to start.


16 November 2017 | 4th show | Week 8

This was, in my opinion, the best show we’ve had so far. All the packages were excellent, behind the scenes was stress-free and smooth, and the presenters were more confident than ever. This week really proved that practice makes perfect and, with time, our teams will only get better!

My role as bulletins’ editor felt easier this time since I had all the preparation I needed last Thursday. Plus, working with Remeka made my job a lot simpler and straightforward as she “decoded” the news I gave her and wrote the script with her own words.

As for my VT Team’s package, we were outnumbered this week, which made things relatively difficult. Ralitsa was ill so we had to decide on a new presenter. We didn’t have much choice since Emma was doing the written article and I was filming and editing, making Nick the only available option. Thankfully, it all went well, and Nick did a great job (especially with the outro).


30 November 2017 | 5th show | Week 10

This week I finally got to be productive and helpful during the live show. I was assigned the VFXs which got me quite scared at first, but I managed to accomplish the job’s requirements.
One of my tasks was to edit the opening and closing credits, although the closing required special attention as the music wasn’t long enough for the footage presented.

My VT this week is the worst one we have done so far. We had some last minute problems which left only me and Emma going out to film. With had to work with equipment we were not used to and that resulted in some lower quality image. However, Emma and I did the best we could under the circumstances and filmed our package. Nick also did the best he could in editing the few shots that were sent to him.

The presenters, Emma and Saf, looked calm but professional. Lastly, changing the background of the bulletins section would have been a great idea if it weren’t literally pointing at the production table.