Things will only get stranger from here

Strangers Things, the original Netflix show that left everyone craving for more, is now back after a long year of waiting and came just in time for Halloween.

After airing season two on October 27, the official reviews are just starting to come in and, so far, they seem to be promising.

In the first season, fans were left on a high end. They were promised an even bigger, better and stronger plot, creating a lot of hype. But were the producers able to live up to that hype?
According to Vox, yes, they were. “Season two is, in the grand tradition of sequels, even more than season one. Second seasons are often so good because those involved in them now know exactly how to write to their actors’ strengths. The same seems to be true for Stranger Things.” says Todd VanDerWerff, Vox‘s critic.

The visual effects tripled, three new characters were introduced but a lot of questions remain.
Is Chief Hopper mentally stable or even capable of decision making? The Verge seems to disagree. 
“It’s just one awful choice after another,” comments Tasha Robinson on her review, “including some really baffling and fatal ones.”

The Duffer Brothers add that the show “Is bigger in every aspect. It is more cinematic, more intense, and the characters are better developed.”
That can be proven as according to Nielsen, over 15.8 million people watched the series just within the first two days.

If just like me, you’ve already binged watched everything, you can still watch Beyond Stranger Things (which is also available on Netflix), where you can listen to the actors’ thoughts and even watch some behind the scenes of this season!







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