PM Pays Visit to Camberwell to Speak on Homelessness

The Prime Minister took a journey Thames Reach employment academy in Peckham Road.

After troubles concerning Human Rights and a worry of how good an unelected official would be maybe there is some hope? On the 22nd of December our new Prime Minister, Theresa May, paid a visited to Camberwell’s Thames Reach Employment Academy along Peckham Road to inform of a new £20m package which will be used to improve services for the homeless in London, including the large sum of £393,000 going to Southwark Council.

Bruno Vincent/Getty Images

“I think this is important, we want to make sure that people don’t become homeless in the first place.” she continued. Her statement being about where the funding will go to, with a part of the money going to the Academy itself, another to a local charity, and the rest will be spent in ways of which prevent people from becoming homeless.

While visiting, our PM met with the people Thames reach are helping to be trained with new skills to help turn their lives around. She observed as trainees painted a nursery as part of a six week course which enables for them to become full-time decorators with qualifications and references.