Drag – A View into Gender Identity

A view of some of the work which artists have used to examine gender identity. [Photo by Juliana Onetti]

The Drag: Self-portraits and Body Politics exhibition takes place at the Hayward Gallery in the HENI project space on Southbank, and runs from the 22nd August to 14th October and has free admission.

Please note that some of the work in this exhibition contains nudity and sexually explicit content. 

The exhibition presents the work of various artists who have used drag to query and question gender identity, class, and politics through the use of self-portraits, from the early 1960’s to the present day. 

Interestingly, this exhibition veers away from any sense of a chronological narrative and wants to present a multitude of views which examine cultural shifts throughout the past half-century and touches on topics which include feminism, the aids crisis of the 1980’s and postcolonial theory.

A view from Philip, from the south coast, a member of the public: ‘I think it’s really interesting, arresting and makes us appreciate that we perform gender.

Overall, this exhibition is really interesting to see if you would like to learn more about gender identity.

Article by Charlie Scrase and Juliana Onetti.