How Mobile News Gathering is Changing Journalism

In the past few years as technology has improved, mobile news has started to increase, and we can notice that this development is slowly changing journalism

It has been a few years now since paper news‘ audience has started to decline. That is why we can consider this new way of creating news as a second chance for journalism. In effect, it ables newspaper’s brands to reach a new audience of mainly young people.

As it was said by Van Damme K, Courtois C, Verbrugge K, and De Marez L in an article about this topic ‘These mobile news outlets/products do seem to increasingly infiltrate the daily lives of mobile audiences who were previously disengaged with news.‘ It really shows that this should be taken as an opportunity for renewal, the only challenge is now to find how to adapt to this renewal.

Mobile news gathering is really different from traditional news, the format permits to do a lot more things than what was able on paper. You can add short texted videos, illustrations, animated images, music, and many more things which entertain people and makes them want to read the articles. 

Most of the under-25 aged people do not read paper news because they find it boring, that is why mobile news gathering should be considered as a positive change for journalism since it engages a new audience.

To conclude, we can say that for some people the development of mobile news gathering may appear as the death of paper news but it is not. This is an opportunity to reach a new audience of mainly young people who will remain journalism and news relevant.