Night & Day: 30’s Fashion and Photograph – Fashion and Textile Museum

Fashion and Textile Museum 'Night & Day: 1930's Fashion and Photographs' exhibition. [Photo by Juliana Onetti]

The ‘Night & Day: 1930’s Fashion and Photographs‘ exhibition takes place at the Fashion and Textile Museum from October 12th, 2018 to January 20th, 2019. Advance booking online is recommended but tickets may also be purchased on the day of the visit, subject to availability: £9.90 adults / £8.80 concessions / £7 students.

The 1930’s are mainly remembered as a decade of design with the Art Deco and Moderne styles, of excess with the Jazz Age. But also as an era of great change for women, who have defined the thirties’ style.

The exhibition presents the day and evening styles of the decade by showing real outfits and photographs stemming from the 30’s. Going from a room to another you will discover all of the ten different stagings as ‘Whistle while you work‘ or ‘Happy days are here again‘, to name a few.

Each part of the exhibition presents outfits from a moment of the day in the life of a woman in the 30’s. It goes from the glamour and chic dresses for the parties at night, to the classical uniforms worn at work, including the swimsuits and casual dresses they used to wear for their vacations at the seaside resorts. 

Many photographs are also displayed, especially the ones by Cecil Beaton which have a dedicated room at the end of the exhibition. All these portraits are a representation of life during the 1930’s. We can see outfits pictures, but also close-ups which show how women used to do their makeup at that time.

You will also find hanging on the walls, old versions of famous fashion magazines such as Vogue and Harper’s Bazaar, but also other ones, like Home Journal or The Lady for instance, which do not exist anymore.

I loved this exhibition because it is really instructive, it ables us to see what fashion looked like back in the time of our great-grandparents. And seeing all the outfits and photographs also permits to imagine in a better way what life might have been like in this decade of great change.