In the making of a Brexit VT – My experience

Anti-Brexit protesters outside Parliament. [Photo by Juliana Onetti]

On February 26th, I went to the Parliament with my VT team and spoke to some protesters in order to hear their opinions on how Brexit could possibly affect young people in the future. We decided to cover this topic because at a less than a month away from the d-day we thought that it is important to know what people think about the future of young generations in case of Brexit.

For the filming part of the process, first of all, we started by taking GV’s of the protesters outside Parliament. Then we filmed the PTC and finally, we ended up by doing the interview. After that there was the editing process, I was in charge of that. I put together all the shots and the voiceover (which was sent to me by another member of the team), I personally really like this part, as I have a YouTube channel I’m used to edit videos.

On the week after we watched our VT’s in class and Rebecca gave us some feedback. On the positive side, she told us that we had some beautiful shots and that the editing was well done. Then on the negative side, she said that next time the PTC and voiceover have to be done by the same person and that it would be even better if we add some more background information about the story.

This first experience abled me to see the process of making a VT for example: planning what kind of GV’s we need, how to use the filming equipment, finding the good spot to film the PTC, or even adapt to the outdoor brightness and noises.

My aim for the next project would be to improve everything, as it was my first VT it was obviously not perfect, therefore I would like to continue my learning process.