Workbook – Introduction to Broadcast Journalism

During this second semester, I will be keeping a weekly workbook about what I am learning in the module Introduction to Broadcast Journalism, I will also document here the process of creation of my assessment projects which are a VT package and a Radio package.

WEEK 1 – Jan. 29th

  • Introduction to the Module
  • Assignment of VT Groups
  • Introduction to the iPods kits
  • Practice Interviews with iPods

WEEK 2 – Feb. 5th

  • Module overview and assessments
  • Health and safety and location filming
  • Glossary of basic technical terms
  • Filming Gvs with the VT group

WEEK 3 – Feb. 12th

  • Voice training with Vanessa
  • Finishing our Student Life VT

WEEK 4 – Feb. 19th

  • Student Life packages viewing in class
  • Rebecca gave each group some feedback
  • Discussion about audio production and podcasts with Michael

WEEK 5 – Feb. 26th

  • Field trip to Westminster to see a Brexit Protest
  • We worked on the creation of a VT package about Brexit with the VT group in the morning
  • Then in the afternoon we worked on the creation of an audio project – mine was an Audio Story, I had to record sounds that represented Brexit

WEEK 6 – Mar. 5th

  • Discussion about last night’s TV evening news
  • Brexit VT viewing in class, then Rebecca gave us some feedback and told us what we could improve
  • Writing a Brexit blog post about what we learned during this first experience

WEEK 7 – Mar. 12th

  • TV evening news evaluation
  • Re-cap of writing to pictures
  • Re-cap of Brexit VT feedback
  • Looking at Brexit blogs
  • Filming our first sit-down interviews
  • Learn how to use music, fx and other sounds

WEEK 8 – Mar. 19th

  • TV evening news deconstruction
  • Viewing sit-down profile VTs
  • Learning what is a Vox Pops
  • Filming and editing of three vox pops with the VT group
  • Looking for ideas for the VT submission project
  • Learn how to script writing
  • Learn how to structure a radio story

WEEK 9 – Mar. 26th

  • TV evening news deconstruction
  • Vox pops viewing and feedback
  • How to write a headline and standfirst for a VT
  • Submission project pitch

WEEK 10 – Apr. 2nd

  • News interview reviews
  • Learn how to use Inception software
  • Work on VT submission project: set up the final idea for the VT package and the roles that each member of the group will have. We chose to do ours about the event “Great Hampstead Bark Off” that will take place in Hampstead Heath on May 5th, it is a dog competition which aims to raise money for the charity All Dogs Matter.
  • Discussion about the Radio Packages with Michael: I had the idea to talk about independence issues in Corsica so that I could record my interviews when I go back home during the Easter holidays. I need to interview a politician that is for independence, one that is against and then for my third interview I need the opinion of a local that has nothing to do with politics.


  • As we need to put a few seconds of sounds and music in the radio package I recorded the sea, I think it is a good representation of Corsica as it is an island
  • I did my first interview with a politician that is for independence: Paul-Félix Benedetti, who is the spokesman of the political movement “Core In Fronte”
  • My first idea for the second interview (which needs to be with a politician who is against independence in Corsica) was to talk to Anne-Marie Natali, she is the mayor of Borgo, the city where I live in Corsica. I went to the city hall and asked her if it was possible to have an interview but unfortunately, she wasn’t available…
  • I ended up doing my second interview with Dominique Fieschi, who is the president of Mutuelle Sociale Agricole of Corsica, he represents the farmers of the area
  • Finally, for the third interview I talked to Arlette Mariani, she is a 70 years old local who has spent all her life in Corsica, so I thought it would be interesting to know what she has to say about the subject
  • For the few seconds of song to put in the package, I chose “Corsica” by Petru Guelfucci. The language used in this song is the regional language of the island called “Corsican”. The song talks about the island and describes how amazing it looks for its inhabitants

WEEK 11 – Apr. 30th

  • Review of VT submission packages with Rebecca
  • Meeting with the VT group to prepare the last details of our VT package before filming it on the day of the event which is at the end of this week: we prepared our questions for the interviews and vox pops, wrote down some notes about the kind of shots that we will need, we wrote the scripts that will be said during the PTC and voiceovers…
  • News day preparation
  • Reviews of radio submission packages with Michael
  • Sunday, May 5th: filming of the VT package with the group. I was in charge of the camera, then on the day after I edited the video.

WEEK 12 – May 7th

  • News day: I was the studio director, I really enjoyed doing it. Rebecca and Matt told us that for a first live show it was great. I really liked this experience, I can not wait for learning a lot more about it next year!
  • I booked the radio studio to record my voiceover for the radio package, and the voiceovers translations of my interviews with the help of Craig, Kika and Josh.
  • Editing of my radio package
  • Fixing the last details for the VT package and the radio package…