In the making of “Christmas by the River market” VT

The annual Christmas by the River market is back, in London Bridge City, for the sixth year in a row. Christmas by the River returns to illuminate London Bridge City, from November 26, 2019 to January, 5 2020, as London’s prettiest riverside market.

The role I had during the making of this VT was reporting and I also wrote my script for the two PTCs and the voiceover. Then, I went to the location with Miryam, who was in charge of the camera, I found people to interview for the vox pops and I talked to the interviewee, Charlie Langhorne, that Seyi the researcher, had found for us. After that, I also recorded the voiceover and helped Mahira with the editing. The last member of our group Ameera was in charge of writing the news article this week.