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Review of VT- Gender in Church of England

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Review of VT;

In this VT I was the reporter which meant that I had to research the background story and come up with my PTC one that would be captivating because it was going to be what the audience first watched. Doing the PTC and the expert interview were fine however the struggle came when we set out to get vox pops. Hardly anyone wanted to speak with us, we assumed due to the time as it was during rush hour and of course the sensitivity of the topic. Luckily James who was our cameraman managed to get us 2 interviews however one of them had an issue with being on camera so decided just to record her voice so we would at least have something to work with. Maybe one way to avoid that would be to film during the day if we can, as people may be more willing to participate.

Voxpop questions

1. How do you feel about the COE accepting/ supporting gender fluidity

2. Do you agree with it? Why?

3. Will this change how you view the church?

Expert questions

1. What impact do you think this will have on the church

2. Why do you think the church has reached this point

3. What do you think the general reaction will be

4. What impact do you think this will have on children

5. What impact do you think this will have on their parents