What Issues Can Arise From the Use of Analytics in Newsrooms?

The use of analytics by news Organizations has increased over the years. The hopeful outcome is aimed at increases audience growth, as well as overall interaction.

Many news organizations are now using editorial analytics to set a new approach on how they can interact with changing news media. This can be beneficial to most organizations because editorial analytics are mostly personalized to the organizations needs or overall objectives. However, there is an understanding that analytics aren’t always the best possible ways of collecting certain data. Analytics is based off quantitative data, which isn’t always reliable unless you have certain qualitative or journalistic knowledge to back it up. Other  types of issues arise from the constantly changing media environment. Journalists are surrounded by competitors that seek the same attention.  The use of analytics can help these organizations with developing news, and this systematic analysis will only progress to more useful stages. Therefore, journalists are engaging towards this new practice, and doing anything they need to do in order to positively interact with their audiences. The use of analytics for editorial purposes has certainly helped journalists become more aware of data and metrics. However, in order to prosper within the newsroom one must meet the standards and have the ability to study the data.