Out With The Old in With The New?

The role of journalists has greatly changed due to the introduction of citizen journalism and user generated content.

People now have the ability to capture news on their mobile devices, and that impacts the role of professional journalists. However, citizen journalists do supply news worthy information that can aid professionals. In a way, professional journalists are getting their stories furnished for them. Citizens capture the news first hand, and professionals feed off of it to give the audience an even more enriched story. User generated content is also useful because blogs, Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube allow people to contribute pictures, videos, and comments that aid in breaking news. We’re getting visuals of top news with the contribution of citizen journalism because we’re getting informed and receiving newscast from within a crisis. Ordinary people are broadcasting newsworthy information, but professional journalists are the qualified individuals who are educated, and given principals and ethics that dictate what is newsworthy. Professional journalists use citizen journalism as possible sources, after ensuring the information is credible and reliable. Their role is still as important even with the rise of social media, and mobile devices because the credible stories are linked to the professionals. Despite the power that professional journalist hold, there is still that worry that new technology will affect their overall role in news reporting.