Gender pay gap will take 100 years to close

It is said that the gender pay gap in the UK is that wide, it works out that women work September to December unpaid.

The pay gap for women in their 20’s is increasing dramatically and is now five times greater than it was 6 years ago. Sam Shethers, chief executive of Fawcett Society said ‘ the pay is widest for older women as it grows over our working lives, but we are now seeing a widening of pay gap for younger women too, which suggests we are going backwards and that is extremely worrying.’

The government wants large firms to disclose their pay gaps, but will not force them to comply. However, it has been made a requirement for large employers to publish their gender pay and bonus data by April 2018.

Vivienne Hays from Women’s resource centre said ‘progress has moved at a snails pace.’ Progress has stalled on closing the gender pay, which stands at 14.1%, with zero movement on the figure in the last three years. At the current rate of change gender pay won’t reach 0% until 2117, according to the office for National Statistics.

In 183 out of 206 local authority areas, men in full time jobs earn more on average than women, but the gap varies from place to place. The top 10 includes the City of London and Tower Hamlets, which contains the financial area Canary Wharf. The biggest gender pay gap is in the financial services where women earn 39.5pc less than men. This means for every £1 a man earns, a woman gets 60p.

The fight for gender pay equality continues…


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