Live Show 09/11/17 – Critical explanation.

Every Thursday we produce a 15 minute live show. It consists of a range of VT packages and the latest news and social media bulletins. At 3pm the show is aired via JLDN’s youtube page then it is uploaded to the website. 

Each week we produce a VT package in our assigned groups. My VT group covered ‘The rise in living wage’ for this weeks package. As always we deployed roles within our group. Liam was editor, which he is great at! Charlie was filming, Olivia presenter and I was VT editor. For this role I contacted the two companies featured in the VT for expert interviews, I arranged times in which Charlie and Olivia could meet them to film and communicated this back to the group. I was really happy with our VT, but I do think we could have got some vox pops of the people effected by the rise. The filming on our interviews that week could have been stronger, the frame has a lot of space above the interviewee’s head, which is something we watched out for when filming other packages.

In preparation for the live show everyone is given a role, whether that be production, presenting or on the day reporter. Each role is very important to make sure the show runs as smoothly as possible. My role that particular week was ‘On the sofa presenter’ alongside George. I was extremely nervous for the role at first, it’s a lot of responsibility. However, as the day went on I felt a lot more confident. Me and George wrote a lot of the script for the show ourselves, we thought it would be a lot more organic that way. Sam also helped us a lot, by suggesting we ‘ablib’ after each package, meaning our reactions were completely unscripted. This felt a lot more natural. A big critique of mine that week was my constant need to keep looking into the monitor instead of facing the camera. At the time I did not notice I was doing it, however watching it back it is a big distraction. That is something I have worked on.

Alice was assigned the role of News editor as Laura was absent. I think she did a really good job, the editorial meeting ran smoothing and some great story ideas were rolled out. The production team as a whole worked great that week, Saf on audio, Leanne as director and Mahria all communicated very well with each other. 

Also a new segment that week was Ralitsa being interviewed by me and George on a topic from the Bulletins. I think this is a great addition to the show. Ralista handled it very well and reacted quickly to updates. However, the wide shot of just Ralitsa and me and George was a little boring, we should of changed camera angles during the interview. Remeka also did a great job on Bulletins as well as Jacob on social media, as he has no auto cue and had to memorise the stories beforehand, a lot of pressure!

There were a few audio problems at times with one VT being exported wrong and another VT without the lower thirds. However me and George apologised for the sound during the show. 

Word count – 546

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